Principles of our viticulture

Wine is our life,
Riesling is our passion

The ideal symbiosis of soil, climate and grape variety is the basis of high-quality wines. All of these conditions are fulfilled on an exceptionally high level in the Moselle region and we strive to convey its uniqueness to you. We attach particular importance to a consistent vineyard upkeep, the manual selection of all grapes (even in the flat vineyards), and the conscientious maturation in old oak casks. Furthermore, we give the high-quality musts time to ferment slowly and coolly.

In our winery, everything comes from a single source: We know our vines and our vineyard-soils since the planting and know, which vines are the ideal ones for sweet or dry wines. We work 17 times per year on every vine and monitor their development very closely. During the fermentation and maturation of the wines, Paul-Werner and Silvia taste from the different casks untill their wine reaches the ideal flavour profile. Even the wine selling is done by us.

Natural and fertile basis

Our vineyard slopes

Our vineyard slopes Adler, Königslay-Terrassen, Stephansberg and Fettgarten are graded "grade 1" according to the oldest classification system of the vineyards at the Mosel from 1869. Our steep slate slopes offer a naturally, fertile basis and supply the vine with important minerals and nutrients. Our healthy slate soil boosts the incomparably varied taste of our wines, its structure, minerality and aromatic body right from the cradle.

Every year nature challenges us to produce healthy grapes under changing conditions. In the cellar we can only maintain the work result of the vineyard, but we cannot improve them! For us, wine means first and foremost enjoyment and joie de vivre. We want to pass this on to you.

Tasting and wine selling

Opening hours

Daily from 2 pm to 7 pm
and after agreement
Phone +49 (0) 6542 2402,

Enjoy your wine in our pavilion from May till mid-June
and from mid-August till the end of October.