Our vineyard locations

Natural and fertile basis
for good wines are our slopes

Our vineyard slopes Adler, Königslay-Terrassen, Stephansberg and Fettgarten are graded "grade1" according to the oldest classification system of vineyards at the Mosel from 1869. Our steep slate slopes offer a naturally, fertile basis and supply the vine with important minerals and nutrients. Our healthy slate soil boosts the incomparably varied taste of our wines, its structure, minerality and body right from the cradle.

Merler Fettgarten

Top slope with middle-grounded, stony quartz-rich residual soil and slate.

Orientation: south /south-east
Character of our Riesling wines: Spicy, full-bodied and heady wines which are characterised by the special soil. Our Fettgarten wine dry, because its savory-spicy flavours pair excellently with a good meal.

Merler Adler

Stony slate residual soil

Orientation: south / south-west
Character of our Riesling wines: Very fruity, with a rich bouquet. Our Adler is very suitable for the production of sweet wines with low alcohol contend and a delicious peachy aroma.

Merler Stephansberg

Stony slate-residual soil with moderate depth.

Orientation: south/ south west
Character of our Riesling wines: A premium slope which creates wines of all quality classes. Racy, very spicy yet subtle Riesling wines which have a rich bouquet and can be stored for a longer time.

Merler Königslay-Terrassen

Our smallest and noblest top slope. The extreme steepness (angle of inclination 65%) and the pure quartzite slate-residual soil cause an optimal storage of the warmth of the sun, which characterises the wines.

Orientation: south / south west
Character of our Riesling wines: very fruity, elegant and noble wines, fine and racy. These wines are very suitable for the development of medium-dry and sweet wines and often achieve a superior quality level.

Briedeler Nonnengarten

The best steep slope from the winery of grandfather Thur. Angle of inclination 60%, blue slate-residual soil

Orientation: South / south west
Character of our Riesling wines: medium-dry, mineral, slate character

Zeller Burglay-Felsen

Deep slate-residual soil with a higher content of fine soil.

Orientation: south-east
Character of our Riesling wines: Grows robust Riesling wines which are very storable.

Merler Klosterberg

Deep, fine soil, on which our grape varieties Kerner, Bacchus and Müller-Thurgau thrive excellently, because they need more watery soil than the Riesling vine. Our red wines also grow on fine soil of the slope “Zeller Marienburger”.

Exposition: North-east

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